Czech Association of Community Foundations

Brief Summary of Implemented Activities

  • During its twelve months of existence, AKN organized several member meeting focused on issues of organizational capacity building, primarily to developing its community foundation members.  
  • In January 2007 brainstorming of AKN members took place in Prague generating ideas for a joined project for the Global Fund for Community Foundations.
  • As of March 1 – 2, 2007 a two-day workshop for AKN members took place in Moravská Nová Ves formulating long-term goals and priorities of AKN (contained herein), discussing potential funding sources available to AKN as a whole as well as to individual member entities and dealing with capacity building in developing the South Moravian CF.
  • In early June 2007, AKN representative participated in the joined community foundation support organizations meeting organized by the EFC in Madrid.
  • Towards the end of June 2007 AKN organized a workshop on community foundations lead by Peter deCourcy Hero, the former president of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation "Community Foundations – Strategic Philanthropy Tool ".
  • At the end of June an AKN working meeting took place concerned with coordinating efforts related to events planned for the fall and to design of the C.S. Mott Foundation proposal.
  • Early in July, AKN representative met with the director of the Czech Donors Forum clarifying roles of AKN and possible forms of mutual cooperation.
  • As of August 30 – 31, 2007, a two-day networking workshop of Czech and Slovak community foundations and CF service and support organizations took place, attended by a total of 12 representatives of Czech and Slovak CF Associations.
  • As of October 9, 2007 AKN organized a workshop on resource development of community foundations with Doris Heiser, Director of Donor Services and Development, Greater Milwaukee Foundation, followed by an informational panel addressing the development of Czech CFs in the residence of the US Ambassador and under his auspices.
  • As of November 27, 2007 AKN co-organized the Benefit Auction of Wine to support the emerging CF in South Moravia.
  • As of January 30-31, 2008 a two-day workshop for AKN members took place in Moravska Nova Ves to planning implementation of the project “Exploring feasibility of philanthropic bequests in Czech Republic“ currently funded by Global Fund for Community Foundation in total amount of USD 20 000.


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