Czech Association of Community Foundations


Community Foundation Minimum

At the end of 2005 a new program was launched to build community foundations in the Czech Republic. This effort was financed by the CEE Trust (Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe) and administrated by the VIA Foundation. Four organizations have been participating: the existing community foundation in Ústí nad Labem, two local foundations which are in the process of transforming into community foundations and one civic association designed to establish a community foundation.

In May 2006 this group created and published a document declaring basic parameters and requirements for a community foundation in the Czech Republic. Later that year, this group established the Czech Association of Community Foundations (AKN), which in October 2006 held its first conference. From this point on AKN began guaranteeing most activities related to the theme of community foundations in the Czech Republic.  

Legacies to Community Foundations

Profile on Czech community foundations

The current four community foundation entities cover 12 % of the territory of Czech Republic, serving approximately 17 % of Czech population (Source: Czech Statistical Office-CSO 2006). More details regarding the size and character of the individual regions covered may be found in the file bellow.


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